Tai Chi Classes | Nettleham

Tai Chi Classes | Nettleham
Tai Chi Classes | Nettleham


A Bit About Tai Chi [somewhere between enlightening wisdom and self-promotion…]

Tai Chi as been practised for centuries as a calming, meditative yet invigorating health art.

It helps restore and maintain physical and mental health by rejuvenating the natural energy of the body whilst gently helping to keep it toned and flexible. It is also an excellent aid in relaxation and stress management. It is practised by people of all ages.

Beginners and experienced students are welcome in all classes. Focussing on the exercise aspect of Tai Chi rather than the self-defense art, the classes have a friendly, relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere.

Classes are held in Nettleham on a Friday and Saturday, at The Old School [large hall], Mill Hill, Nettleham, Lincoln, LN2 2PE. There is free car parking at The Old School, and close by on Mill Hill.

Fridays – 9.30am-10.30am – ‘Experienced’ class – £4.00 [concession]/£5.00 [f/t waged]

Fridays – 10.30am-11.30am -‘Semi-Beginners’ class – £4.00 [concession]/£5.00 [f/t waged]
[please note: there is no class on 17 March 2017]

Saturdays – 9.30am-10.30am – ‘Beginners‘ class – £4.00 [concession]/£5.00 [f/t waged]
[please note: in 2017, there are no classes on 25 Feb, 13 May, 8 July, and 12 August]

In addition to Nettleham, regular Tai Chi classes are held in Lincoln, Navenby, Heighington, Saxilby, Cherry Willingham and Carlton-on-Trent.

About your instructor, David

Since I started teaching in 2005, I have really enjoyed sharing this beautiful art with people that are interested and receptive to it, or with anyone who wishes to enjoy its excellent health and relaxation benefits.

I have been practising Tai Chi since 1989 with a number of teachers over the years – mainly senior or well-established students of Professor Chee Soo – the original Grandmaster of Lee/Li Style Tai Chi in the UK. I was also privileged to train on a number of courses taught by Master Chee Soo himself when he was still with us.

As I moved around with work or university courses I trained with different teachers in different UK locations. These days I keep my skills up to date by training periodically on Master Howard Gibbon’s courses, one of Chee Soo’s most senior original students, president of the East West Taoist Association (EWTA) and all-round nice bloke (sounds a bit disrespectful to call my Tai Chi Master a ‘bloke’ but, as he’s a Yorkshireman, he takes it as a compliment).

I have an EWTA Tai Chi Instructors Qualification, and have been running classes since 2005. I am also a registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)

Over the past twenty-five or so years of practice (with some gaps), I have found Tai Chi to be so beneficial on many levels. It is considerably more than a form of exercise. It always gives such a feeling of ‘rejuvenating calmness’ (I know that sounds a bit like a contradiction). It seems to relax and calm the body and mind, and yet gives you more energy and leaves you feeling more ‘balanced’ and ‘whole’, somehow. These are somewhat vague and inadequate words, but this is the only way I can honestly describe it. I guess this is what the Tai Chi masters call enabling your chi or life-force energy to flow as it should.


Q: Are classes open to beginners/Do I need to be experienced?

A: Classes are open to beginners and experienced alike. The pace of the classes is such that it is easy to fit in to them at any level of experience. Many of the exercises can be learned fairly quickly, and then refined with continued practice and experience – so  beginners and experienced students often blend in quite well together.

Q. Do I need to book a place?

A: You can just turn up if its easier, but its usually a good idea to contact me first. Most people come for a taster class to see if it suits them and/or is appropriate for them.

Q: Are the classes part of a course or syllabus which I need to attend every week?

A: No. Much of the class consists of exercises and techniques for regular practice which promote health and well-being. There is a fair amount of repetition and refinement of the movements as you progress, so it is okay to join the classes at any time throughout the year. Some people attend every week but some attend intermittently if that suits them better or if they have other commitments.

Q: Do I need to pay for a whole term up front? How much per class?

A: No, just pay on the day for each class. £4 (concession) or £5 (working).

Q: Is tai chi a martial art?

A: Tai Chi can be taught either for health and exercise or as a martial art, or both. It is not taught as a martial art in my classes – as we focus on the health, exercise and meditative aspect of tai chi. These days many people want to practice it to enhance their health and well-being, (although it has a wonderful lineage and depth of knowledge in the martial arts).

In this particular style of tai chi (the Lee or Li style) the martial art side of it is called Kung Fu or Feng Shou so unless a class says ‘Kung Fu/Feng Shou class’ on the tin then it is usually a health/exercise class. The Taoist Arts Organisation offer some very good classes in Lincoln (at which I first learned Tai Chi, in fact) and Boston which often incorporate the martial art aspect as well as the health aspect of Lee/Li style tai chi.

Q: Are the classes open to people of any age?

A: Yes. The vast majority of the exercises and techniques are fine for people of most ages to accomplish. I have quite a few group members in their 70’s and occasionally in their 80’s in my classes. But I also sometimes have group members in their 20’s.

Q: Do I need a certain level of physical fitness and good health to attend?

A: The pace of the exercises is usually quite slow and appears quite gentle. As you may know, the health form of Tai Chi is renowned for its low impact on joints and its accessibility to people of almost any age. The class does require you being on your feet for one hour, but it is fine to sit out and take a break.

Q: Are there any floor exercises/do I need a mat?

A: I do not currently do floor-based exercises, as they are unsuitable for some of my  class members.

Q: Do I need special clothing?

A: Any loose fitting clothing is fine. Try to avoid wearing anything that restricts your movement. Flexible training shoes or plimsoles are great, or light, flexible shoes can be okay too. Socks without shoes are not recommended as there is usually little grip underfoot.

Q: Can Tai Chi help me with my specific illness/health problem?

A: Tai Chi can be very helpful with a number of different conditions such as balance problems, helping to relieve stress,  stiffness in joints, and general energy levels among other benefits. However, it is not generally taught in a way to provide specific treatment for any one particular condition or illness, unless it is specially adapted (for eg. at the Tai Chi for Health Institute run by Dr Paul Lam) . It works in a general way by helping to improve the overall health and well-being of body and mind.

As Tai Chi instructors usually (myself included) do not have the specialist knowledge that your own doctor/health practitioner has, I always recommend checking with your own doctor/specialist first if you have any health concerns before starting a Tai Chi class.

Q: Is your tai chi part of a particular style?

A: Yes, it is the Lee (or Li) style as originally taught in the UK by Grandmaster Chee Soo.


Q: Do you practice Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) as well as Tai Chi in your classes?

A: Yes we do. Put very simply, there are similarities and overlaps between Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Many authorities say that Tai Chi is a form of Qi Gong.

Q: Can we learn to levitate in your classes?

A: We tried to start a levitation class but it never really got off the ground.

Q: Will I have to listen to other jokes like this in the classes?

A: Quite possibly!

Further information can be found on the website at www.taichilincoln.com.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone [07428 131989] or email [tai-chi-lincoln@runbox.com], or use the ‘contact me‘ page on the website.

Kind regards, David [Instructor]


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