Classified Advertisements

If you would like to place a free classified advertisement for an item you have for sale [or wish to give away free] please email full details – including, ideally, one or two images and contact details [phone/email] – to

Please include your full name and address [address not for publication unless you specifically request].  A standard listing will include the vendor’s full name, together with a contact phone number and/or email address.

Free classified advertisements are only available to private advertisers who have a residential address in Nettleham, and must be an item for sale [not services offered or anything else] up to a maximum value of £100.

No more than one item per advertiser can be advertised at any time. Items will be listed for a maximum of four weeks and then automatically removed [please advise us sooner if an item has been sold].  Advertisements for live animals will not be accepted.

Acceptance of an advertisement for publication is at the sole discretion of Community Linc Media Ltd, who can refuse to accept a listing for any item, for any reason, at any time, without giving any reason for such refusal.

Community Linc Media Ltd accepts no responsibility of any kind for any item listed here, and/or the validity or otherwise of any vendor advertising an item for sale.  It is the sole responsibility of a prospective purchaser to satisfy themselves that any item offered for sale is ‘as described’, and that the vendor is legally entitled to offer the item for sale.

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