Nettleham Woodland Trust promises one hundred oak trees to Lincoln Cathedral

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The Book of Oaks Story
by Rod Newborough

Lincoln Cathedral needs a constant supply of oak timber for the ongoing restoration of the high roofs.

In 1993, the Forestry Commission developed a grant scheme to encourage the creation of New Native Woodlands and the management of old woodlands in the County.

At the same time, Roger Parsons, Fund Raiser for the Cathedral, was seeking opportunities to secure a long-term supply of oak for the roof restoration.

To raise awareness for both projects a publicity event was held aloft in the Cathedral towers looking across the fragmented woodlands of Sherwood Forest and the Lincolnshire Lime Woods.

From this partnership between the Forestry Commission and the Cathedral Team, the Book of Oaks was born.

The Book gives an opportunity for woodland owners, and individuals, within the County and beyond to dedicate oak trees of all ages for the ongoing and long term restoration of the roofs. Each dedication is recorded in the green leather bound Book of Oaks which rests in the Cathedral.

The Book remains open for new pledges.

After retirement, I have entered a new chapter of my forester life and am a Trustee of Nettleham Woodland Trust. The Trust has promised one hundred oak trees from Monks Wood.

The Book of Oaks Stone, sponsored by the Cathedral, can be found in Monks Wood, Ashing Lane Nature Reserve and is a permanent record of this promise.


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