Introducing Nettleham Parish Council – Part 1 – Managing the ‘Parish Estate’

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Nettleham Parish Council |

Nettleham Parish Council manages extensive facilities on behalf of all Nettleham residents both young and old, fit and less able.

During the next twelve months we intend to produce a series of articles providing information about Nettleham Parish Council’s responsibilities and activities, some of which are shown in the ‘infographic’ image [please click to enlarge].

To manage Nettleham’s ‘Parish Estate’ we have a group of Councillors who form the Property Committee, supported by Facilities Manager, Fred Stanford, and his staff.  We also use external contractors where appropriate.

Each member of the Property Committee takes the lead for a specific area, advising on maintenance needs and the usage – and, sadly, sometimes the abuse – of our facilities. They are also responsible for initiating ideas for the development or enhancement of facilities.

The Property Committee meets every two months to coordinate and monitor activities, and members of the public are always welcome at the meetings.

Current members of the Property Committee are:-

Cllr John Downs – Bill Bailey’s Field & Mulsanne Park
Cllr Richard Porter – Fieldpaths, Allotments & Children’s Play Equipment
Cllr Janice Clayton – Village Seats, Vicar’s Wood & Amenity Areas
Cllr Mike Spencer – Buildings & Car Parks
Cllr John Hill – Trees, Bishop’s Meadow, Bishop’s Palace, The Swathe & Burial Ground

In addition, the Property Committee has a dedicated Working Group tasked with management of The Beck, consisting of Councillors Terry Williams, John Downs and Mike Spencer.

Enthusiastic residents with a particular interest in any of the Working Groups are encouraged to get involved and participate. Current examples of Working Groups are Fieldpaths, The Beck, and Vicar’s Wood.

At the last valuation the Parish Council’s estate – which, of course, belongs to the community – was valued at £1.6M. The estate is managed by Nettleham Parish Council on your behalf.

This is the prime reason why, over the next year or so, we will be providing more details about your assets and how they are managed.

If you would like to get involved in helping to enhance our lovely village, and give something back to the community, please, in the first instance, contact the Parish Office.

Nettleham Parish Council
Parish Office
Scothern Road

t: 01522 750011

Office opening hours – Monday to Thursday 9.00am to midday.

John Hill | Chair, Property Committee | Nettleham Parish Council