Nettleham News Magazine | Print Archive Project | Progress Update

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Nettleham News, News | 0 comments

Those keen on having access to the Nettleham News print magazine archive will be pleased to know that we’re now over the halfway point of our project to make every issue available online, with 19 of the 34 publication years now accessible from the Nettleham News website via this page.

The print magazine was published quarterly from Spring 1983 until Winter 2016 – some 136 issues – therefore getting them all into PDF format and ready for upload [particularly the first 19 years, during which time they were produced using traditional ‘paste-up’ methods rather than software] is a lengthy task.

We now have complete years 1983-1986 and 2002-2016 available online.

At the present rate of progress, we anticipate that all 136 issues will be available online by mid-2018.


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