Nettleham Woodland Trust welcomes BBC Songs of Praise to Cathedral Copse

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Nettleham Woodland Trust, News | 0 comments

On Wednesday 17 January 2018, Nettleham Woodland Trust was very pleased to welcome Bishop John James, a presenter from BBC Songs of Praise, and a camera crew, to Cathedral Copse, in Monks Wood, Ashing Lane Nature Reserve, Dunholme.

In a recent initiative with Lincoln Cathedral, Nettleham Woodland Trust has designated a 0.211 hectare area of South Wood for the planting of oaks for eventual use in the Cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral needs a constant supply of oak timber for the ongoing restoration of the high roofs, amounting to several tons each year.

The Bishop was very impressed with the project, and thinks all cathedrals should be making links with local woodlands.

No transmission date has yet been scheduled, but keep a lookout for this on BBC Songs of Praise in the coming period.


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