Nettleham Parish Council | News Update | December 2017

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Nettleham Parish Council | News Update | December 2017

Welcome to the latest update on Parish Council business:

Festive Market

We would like to congratulate Alissa Stevens and her committee for organising last December’s Nettleham Festive Market.  This was a tremendous achievement which brought many villagers and visitors together to enjoy a range of quality products in a truly festive atmosphere and the village centre looked magical with so many Christmas lights.  We wonder if this will be a new tradition to add to the village calendar?

Parish Precept

The Parish Council has set the precept for 2018/19 at £141,059.  We try very hard to limit any increase but unfortunately our community has to stand the cost of paying for ever increasing services that we directly provide. This has necessitated a limited increase in our staffing budget from 2018/19. We appreciate that any increase is difficult in these straitened times, particularly for the elderly and those on fixed incomes but it is important that standards are maintained. We strive to achieve value for money in all areas that we are responsible for maintaining and, in coming months we intend to illustrate the extent of the Parish Council’s work in looking after Nettleham on your behalf. The net effect of the budget increase amounts to an average of 8p per week per household.

New Noticeboards

The Parish Council has installed new noticeboards on the outside of the Co-op store which look so much more presentable.  Anyone wishing to post information on the board should now visit the Parish Office as new guidelines are in place.

Planning Matters

The Parish Council would like residents to know about the latest situation relating to the site owned by Truelove Property and Construction at the top of Scothern Hill and known as Land to the Rear of 72 Scothern Road, Nettleham.

Earlier in the year the Developer applied to West Lindsey District Council (WLDC) for Planning Permission to develop the site (Application 136312), which included the detailed housing mix/layout, proportion of Affordable Housing and parking arrangements. The site is an allocated site in the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan. WLDC decided in early December 2017 to refuse Planning Permission essentially because the proposed development would have been in conflict with specific Policies in both the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan and the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan.

The land on Deepdale Lane (at the rear of the bungalows and before the Enterprise Park) which is also an Allocated Development Site within the Neighbourhood Plan has just been granted Planning Permission by WLDC under Application 135567.

Vehicle Parking on Verges and Pavements

Nettleham is a beautiful village, much admired by residents and visitors alike. The Parish Council is charged with maintaining the village to the best of its ability and to the satisfaction of those who fund our efforts through their Council Tax.

Sadly, our best endeavours are often thwarted by those who feel it is perfectly acceptable to park on grass verges which then become damaged and detract from the overall ambience of the village. It is totally unnecessary to park on any verge and by doing so the vehicle owner is displaying a complete disregard for the environment which so many residents work very hard to maintain.

Similarly, some selfish drivers choose to park with their vehicle wheels on the pavement. The effect of that action is to frequently deny pedestrians the right to safely use the footpath, be they people with young children in a pram or less fortunate people who have to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter. The pavement is for people, not for vehicles!

And so a request, please do not park on any verge or pavement in our village and could we politely ask those that do so to kindly move their vehicle onto the road where it belongs? Let us all do our best to keep Nettleham special!

Blocked Culverts in the Beck

Whilst the Parish Council, or volunteers, endeavour to clear debris from the Beck in an effort to avert potential flooding issues, at the time of going to print, this is difficult as we are short of staff.

Clearing culverts in the Beck is, in fact, the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council and we would ask residents who have concerns about these culverts to contact the Highways Department direct, either by telephoning 01522 782070 or via the LCC website following the links from Transport & Roads > Highways Maintenance > Drains & Flooding and then click on the tab to Report A Fault.

The Ray Sellars Community Award

This award was created to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work undertaken by Cllr Ray Sellars who passed away in 2012.  At the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting, the Chairman together with members of Ray Sellars’ family were pleased to present the Ray Sellars Community Award to Joyce and Colin Lewis.  Joyce and Colin Lewis have organised Nettleham Cares annual event since 1988, they are also leading lights in collecting shoeboxes for families and elderly people in Eastern Europe and also with the Sightsavers charity.  The 2018 Award will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2018 and residents are requested to submit any nominations to the Parish Office by 23 March 2018; contact details are show above.  The award is to recognise residents who have contributed to the community.

Parish Council Grants

We would like to advise village groups who may not be aware that the Parish Council has a small budget available for grants where additional funding would be helpful.  Please contact the Parish Office for an application form.

Sponsorship of Village Floral Displays

We are looking to see if anyone would be interested in sponsoring the Summer village floral displays.  Please contact the Parish office if this idea appeals to you.

Upcoming Parish Council Meetings, all at 7.30 pm, and all open to the public.

All at The Old School unless indicated otherwise.

Council Meetings – Tuesday 16 January and Monday 19 February 2018

Property Committee – Tuesday 23 January 2018

Dates contained within this article were correct at time of writing [15 December 2017].


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