Nettleham Woodland Trust ‘Highly Commended’ by Royal Forestry Society for work with local nature reserve

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Royal Forestry Society | Excellence in Forestry Awards 2017

Ashing Lane Nature Reserve, in Dunholme, Lincolnshire, which is managed by Nettleham Woodland Trust, has recently been ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Urban and Community Forestry’ category of the Royal Forestry Society’s Excellence in Forestry Awards 2017.

This category ‘encourages and rewards projects involving urban and community woodlands which have been established and managed in a way which is sustainable and beneficial to the landscape, the local people, biodiversity and the economy in both the short and long term.’

On its website, the Royal Forestry Society comments:

“Ashing Lane Nature Reserve is located in farmland in Dunholme, a few miles miles north of the city of Lincoln. Nevertheless, it is an extremely popular community facility serving not just a few small villages nearby but also providing a venue for the residents of Lincoln and the wider area. Basically it meets a demand for an open access space in an area of otherwise intensively farmed land.

“The Nettleham Woodland Trust was formed 11 years ago to undertake small scale projects in the area north of Lincoln, but in 2009 the opportunity arose to create a new community woodland based around two small sites owned by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. A total of 31 hectares of predominantly new woodland is now managed by the Nettleham Woodland Trust which includes wildflower meadows, a small lake and wetland features.”

Judges said: “Regular work parties keep the site in top condition with professional advice willingly sought and acted upon. The Trust is good at accessing appropriate funding sources and is has good governance to ensure its long term continuity. This is a developing project which has the potential to expand even further.”

Further details of the RFS award can be viewed here.  Information about Nettleham Woodland Trust is available from the NWT website.

Congratulations to Nettleham Woodland Trust on clearly making a great impression on the judges of this prestigious national award.

Ashing Lane Nature Reserve, Dunholme, Lincolnshire | Aerial View | 27 May 2017


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