Nettleham Parish Council | Financial Report | 2016/17

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1.    Revenue Income for the year totalled £183,459, made up as follows:-

Precept £126,688
Interest £247
Trading* £50,929
Grass Cutting £4,796 (from Lincs County Council)
Miscellaneous^ £799
Total £183,459  

* Hire of Old School, Burial Ground, Allotments and Mulsanne Park.
^ John Moss, Miscellaneous grants.

2.    Capital Income totalled £1,930

3    Revenue Expenditure totalled £139,439 plus contributions to Capital Reserves of £23,400.

4.    Several items of expenditure where also charged against the General Reserve amounting to over £20,000 – the Old Parish Office, Signage, Play Equipment & Consultancy Fees.

5.    The Parish Council has both a General Reserve and Capital Reserves of over £170,000.

6.    Cash at the 31st March 2017 was around £200,000.

7.    Total fixed assets are approaching £1million.

8.    Borrowings amount to £141,803.

9.    The Property Committee which oversees the maintenance and management of all the Council’s assets has had a busy year including:-
•    the bespoke village sign at the Washdyke Lane entrance village.
•    the replacement of the chairs to the Small Hall at the Old School
•    the removal and disposal of the unsafe fencing around the football pitch at Mulsanne Park
•    the felling of a large unsafe ash tree at The Quarry on Washdyke Lane.

The accounts for 2015/2016 were signed off by the Internal and External Auditors and the notice displayed for the required period on the Parish Council Noticeboards.

The responsibility the Parish Council faces each year in setting its budget is considerable; estimates need to be made well in advance of the financial year to come, with the precept demand being submitted in December.  The Council is conscious of its decision and reasons for increasing the precept for this financial year by £6,386. The major reasons for this increase results from the Parish Council taking on the maintenance costs for verge grass cutting, fieldpaths strimming and weed spraying which Lincs County Council had previously paid for/undertaken and which have now been withdrawn.   This increase equates to £3.76 per household per year.

The work I and my team carry out has increased considerably over recent years, with services being devolved from both County and District Councils.  Nettleham Parish Council is a very active group of people, members are all unpaid volunteers who want to make a difference to their village, making it a pleasant and vibrant place in which to live.

All this comes at a cost and it is the Council Tax paid by you that allows us to do this work on your behalf and I am sure you will agree that Nettleham is worth it!

I would like to thank the Chairman, Vice Chair and Councillors for their continued support and also take this opportunity of thanking Fred Stanford, the Facilities Manager, Hal Crompton, Facilities Assistant, Leticia Hamilton-Cooper, Receptionist/Admin Assistant for their continued hard work.

Julia Finn
Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
25 April 2017