Nettleham Medical Practice | News Update | May 2017

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New Recycling Scheme

The practice prides itself on being environmentally friendly and already has installed solar panels and sun tubes at the Nettleham surgery and across both surgeries recycles as much waste as possible.

Last year our recycled shredded confidential waste saved 30 trees.

We are pleased to announce that we are now working in association with TEVA UK and TerraCycle to provide a recycling facility for patients to return their unwanted or used inhaler devices.

The recycling box is placed outside the dispensary at Nettleham.  Any unused or empty inhalers can be placed in the box and the practice will do the rest!

TerraCycle’s team handle and dissemble all the used inhalers in a controlled safe environment to recycle and upcycle the materials into new items that can be used in the community such as benches or soft surface play areas for children. The possibilities are endless!

Shingles Vaccination Campaign

How common is shingles?
About one in five people who have had chickenpox develop shingles. This means that every year in England and Wales, tens of thousands of people will get shingles. It is more common in people aged over 70 years, and of these, about 14,000 go on to develop post-herpetic neuralgia and over 1400 are admitted to hospital because of it.

How effective is the vaccination?
By having the vaccination you will significantly reduce your chance of developing shingles. And, if you do go on to have shingles the symptoms are likely to be milder and the illness shorter, than if you had not had the vaccination.

Where is the vaccination given and will I need one every year?
Like most vaccinations, the vaccine will be given in your upper arm. You will only have the vaccination once – unlike the flu jab, you do not need to be re-vaccinated every year.

Who is eligible?
Prior to April 2017, shingles vaccine was offered routinely to individuals aged 70 years with a phased catch up programme based on age as of 1 September that year. However from 1 April, eligibility has been changed to the date a patient turns 70 years and 78 years.

Patients remain eligible for the shingles vaccine up until their 80th birthday. Those with existing eligibility for the vaccine but who missed it can still be offered immunisation.

Dates of birth for current eligibility are:

  • Born between 02/09/42 – 01/09/46
  • Born on or after 02/09/46 and aged 70
  • Born between 01/04/37 – 01/09/38 up to 80th birthday
  • Born on or after 02/09/38 and aged 78

Please contact the practice to book an appointment for this vaccine.

Monthly Early Closures for Training [2017]

In order to enable our doctors and staff to be kept up to date Nettleham surgery will be closed for training at 1.00pm on the following afternoons. Emergency help is still available by calling 111.

  • Tuesday 20th June 2017

Contact Details

Telephone: 01522 751717 [when the surgery is closed please ring Freephone 111]

Practice Manager: Helen Lunn