Nettleham Parish Council News | Autumn 2016

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Welcome to the latest update of Parish Council business

New Leadership of the Council

At the May Parish Council meeting, Cllr John Evans was elected Chairman and Cllr Joe Siddall was elected Vice­-Chairman. We wish them every success in their respective posts.

We would like to pay tribute to the tremendous efforts of Cllr Terry Williams (Chairman for the past 10 years), and Cllr Janice Clayton (Vice­-Chairman for the same period). We would like to thank them for their excellent contribution to the running of all the Parish Council meetings during the last 10 years.

Planning Applications

The Long Leys Trust has been granted permission to build a new place of Worship on Deepdale Lane. We are very disappointed with this decision, as it conflicts with our newly-­adopted Neighbourhood Plan. West Lindsey District Council (WLDC) Planning Committee concluded the impact on transport would not be severe and there would be no adverse impact on the highway network, particularly in relation to the junction of Deepdale Lane with the A46, it would not harm the setting to one of the entrances to the village and there would be no impact on surface water drainage or foul drainage. We sincerely hope this is the case.

Beal Homes: Land off Larch Avenue

We advised you in the last edition of Nettleham News that this applicant has appealed the decision by WLDC to refuse planning permission. The Secretary of State has now appointed an Inspector to hear the Appeal in the autumn which will take place in the village. The Parish Council will be supporting WLDC in their efforts to counter this appeal

Grass Cutting in the Village

As a result of Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) announcing budget cuts to Highway Asset Maintenance, we previously advised you that they will cease to fund grass cutting from April 2017. The Parish Council are challenging LCC on this decision, as we feel they have a statutory duty to maintain this service.

In the meantime, the Parish Council does not feel it appropriate to reduce the frequency of cuts, or put the responsibility onto residents whose properties abut the verges. There is a point of view that verges left to grow is a positive aspect for wildlife, etc, but generally we consider most residents have an expectation that verges will be maintained to a certain standard. This, of course, has a financial implication for everyone in the village and the matter will be discussed at the Parish Council budget meeting in November.

LCC will also only be carrying out one weed­-spraying session next year, which is woefully inadequate when you consider the state of the road gulleys and footpaths in the village now.

The Parish Council is also reviewing the number of cuts necessary on the many fieldpaths around the village as this funding has already been withdrawn. If you have any constructive comments please contact the Parish Office [contact details at bottom of page].

Mulsanne Park: Park & Stride

In the interests of safety, reducing congestion and car pollution in the village, we are happy to make Mulsanne Park available for Park & Stride to those people who need to drop off/collect children attending the Junior or Infant Schools. Parking is a continual and hazardous problem at the start and end of the school day in these areas and we would encourage you to please make use of this facility. A little exercise and fresh air can only be a good thing.

Mulsanne Park Users’ Committee: Public Member Vacancy

The Mulsanne Park Users’ Committee is looking for a member of the public, who lives in Nettleham, to join this committee, which works in conjunction with the Parish Council’s Property Committee.

This committee was set up over ten years ago to represent and reflect the views of users and residents in respect of the operational management of Mulsanne Park and its facilities. The committee meets quarterly and the meetings are held in the Mulsanne Park Pavilion, usually on a Monday at 7.30pm. The remaining meeting dates this year are: 26 September and 5 December.

We welcome the views and contributions which new members can make to this committee, so if you are interested in becoming involved with this important village asset, please contact the Parish Office by letter, email, telephone or in person [contact details at bottom of page].

Mulsanne Park: Anti-Social Behaviour

There have been recent spates of anti­social behaviour at Mulsanne Park. The police have been informed and they have increased their patrols around the park. They encourage anyone seeing any anti­social behaviour to telephone 101. We would also remind everyone that there is currently a dawn-to­-dusk curfew in operation at the park.


The Parish Council has 24 allotment plots sited on Welton Road (A46) between the Deepdale Lane junction and Nettleham Heath. Although all the plots are currently tenanted, we have now exhausted our waiting list following three recent terminations. If anyone is interested in becoming an allotment ‘owner’, please contact the Parish Office and your name will be added to the new waiting list [contact details at bottom of page].

New Village Sign

We hope you have noticed the new Nettleham village sign at the Washdyke Lane entrance to the village. This has been copied from the sign on the village green and provides a much smarter welcome to the village, as well as reflecting our past success in Best Kept Village competitions.

Commemorative Benches

Residents may have noticed that the bench near the convenience store on Lodge Lane/Sudbrooke Lane has been removed following deterioration and vandalism. Anyone who may be interested in donating a replacement bench should please contact the Parish Office [contact details at bottom of page].

Sponsorship of Floral Displays

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to sponsor the planting in the flower tubs in Vicarage Lane alongside the Co­op. Each tub can be sponsored for £30 per season (summer/winter) or all three tubs for £70. Sponsors’ names, with agreed wording, would be placed on each tub in recognition of their contribution to these attractive features in the village centre. Please contact the Parish Office [contact details at bottom of page].

Summer Village Walk

Thank you to the intrepid walkers who came to the Summer Village Walk on a sultry day in July (see photograph above) and thank you to Cllr Richard Porter, Chairman of the Fieldpaths Advisory Committee, for leading the walk.