Fundraising for Sightsavers | Christmas 2016 Period

by | Jan 26, 2017 | News, Sightsavers | 0 comments

I know you will all be pleased to learn that I have sent a further £100.00. to Sightsavers.  A lady called, way back in November when she brought her shoeboxes, and left the most generous donation of £20.00.

Doris Colman and Wynne Rollin had been busily knitting Santa’s snowmen and Christmas stockings, all containing goodies and some of these were taken into Lincoln Hospital, and sales there amounted to £51.00.

Rhona, the owner of Hair Innovations, allowed sales in her salon and customers there raised a further £16.00.

There followed several smaller donations which meant I could send £100.00 to Sightsavers so a very big thank you to all who helped in so many different ways.

We shall never meet the folk who will now receive eye treatment but we all know they will be forever grateful to us for our help.

Joyce E Lewis