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‘Allotment Watch’ is designed to enable allotment users to communicate with their local police to reduce crime and also receive crime reduction advice, information and alerts.

Security on Allotment Sites

Keeping an allotment is a healthy and enjoyable way to socialise and grow your own food and plants. However, the siting of allotments often gives rise to criminals having easy and unchallenged access to your belongings.

Follow our crime reduction advice to cut down on opportunist theft:

  • Try to have a locked gate at the entrance of your allotment as the first line of defence. This means they cannot easily drive onto the site to remove items;
  • Position sheds so that a clear view is available from any adjoining pathways or roads;
  • In order that they cannot be easily broken, have wired glass placed in any shed windows. Laminated glass is also a deterrent, as it takes longer to break through the glass;
  • Screen shed or outbuilding windows internally, so that goods and equipment cannot be seen from the outside;
  • Consider placing a shed alarm inside your shed or having a shed bar fitted. These are available from Police Headquarters at a reduced rate;
  • Paint your lawnmower or equipment random colours such as pink or orange. This devalues the items for resale;
  • Postcode ALL belongings, even if they are not of high value. If we need to return items, it tells us from where they have been stolen and helps us to locate a criminal’s activity to a particular site;
  • Mark property with UV or permanent marker pens. UV pens make an invisible (to the naked eye) mark, which will not detract from future value. You simply write your postcode in full and add your house number or name after the postcode. If you decide to sell the item at a later stage, you can issue a receipt for the payment of the goods. A permanent marker will deter thieves further as they know that they cannot sell the goods with your postcode on the equipment. Suspicion is raised if a mark has been crossed through or tampered with;
  • Consider placing your items on the national ‘Immobilise’ database: www.immobilise.com. This is a secure site to record all your serial numbers. When an item is stolen, all police forces will be able to see the item and if found return it to you. (No items can be seen until you flag it up as stolen or lost);
  • Finally, if you have been a victim of crime, report it on telephone: 101 and let us be aware.

How we communicate

Lincolnshire Police operates a messaging system called ‘Lincsalert’. This enables your local policing team to send messages and to inform members of current crime trends.

If you would like to join Allotment Watch, please ask your local NPT or contact:
Police Headquarters PO Box 999 LN5 7PH

If you have access to the internet, sign up at: www.lincolnshirealert.co.uk/policing

Benefits of the Lincsalert system include:

  • Website available 24 hours a day;
  • Totally confidential, secure service ­data is never shared without your consent;
  • Subscribe to receive alerts by email, telephone and text;
  • Join an online virtual NHW scheme and swap ideas with other members;
  • Report information to your Neighbourhood Policing Teams;
  • Receive feedback and updates about your reports;
  • Completely free to receive service;
  • Unsubscribe at anytime.

If you want to keep up with all the latest police news in your area please join us on Twitter and Facebook and we have an email address if you want to contact us, these are listed below.

  • twitter.com/NPT_Nettleham
  • facebook.com/nettlehamnpt
  • email: nettleham.npt@lincs.pnn.police.uk

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