Nettleham Community Hub | Update | Winter 2016

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Well hello beautiful people of Nettleham! What a wonderful year The Hub has had ­our doors have now been open for what seems much longer than 9 months. That’s the same amount of time a baby grows in the womb and boy! do we feel like we have been growing our limbs over the last 9 months ­finally finding our feet!

It’s been such a rewarding and positive experience ­people are starting to know that we are a library again and we have managed to raise enough awareness to double the amount of people that come through the door. That’s such exciting news! We now have a library management team to run the library, so I can start to concentrate my efforts on developing other parts of The Hub.

The excitement never stops! There is always something new that comes from a project like this and it’s all designed around you, the community, and although I may initially have the ideas, it is you the community, together with the committee and the volunteers that will develop it in the future.

However, we are only in our infancy and we really cannot believe how much we have achieved in such a small amount of time, but before I tell you more about the exciting things that are in store over the coming months, I would just like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has helped in any way to make this happen.

It is the present committee: Janet Schooley, Dawn Hall and myself who make the decisions, implement the ideas and look after the smooth running of The Hub. It is the library management team, Joan Foreman and Maggie Norris, that keeps the library operating efficiently to offer you the best service possible. They are a huge credit to our team and now manage the 22 dedicated library volunteers that give their time and service to make this dream possible!

Many thanks also to all the people who came every month to the meetings a year before we opened and shared your interests and ideas, listened to our dreams and volunteered to help us set up The Hub. Some of these people may not be actively involved any more, but every single person counts! Each one of you, no matter what job you do or did, or time you gave or give, it is so important for you and the community to understand your importance in this project. So please community, send your thanks to all these wonderful people!


Charity Status

We are happy to announce that we are now a registered charity. Our charity registered number is: 1166816.

The other day we had a lady who asked for our charity number. She had just bought a lottery ticket and it requested her to add a charity to her ticket. I suppose if she won some money, a portion would be donated to us. How wonderful that people are thinking about us. It also means we can raise funds to help sustain The Hub in future years.

Next year we are looking to raise funds for The Hub by holding charity events and we really need enthusiastic people to help us. Do you have any ideas, would you like to be part of something exciting? Maybe you already have an idea for raising money for your own cause, but would like more help. We are looking to join forces with other community members, so we can really make a difference to the community and make it bigger and better for all of us. Please contact 07941 649924.

The Library

Our opening times will stay the same during the winter months, but we hope to train more volunteers during this time and then we can open our library for longer.

Current opening times

  • Tuesday 1.00pm ­5.00pm
  • Wednesday 10.00am ­12 noon
  • Friday 3.00pm ­5.00pm
  • Saturday 10.00am ­12 noon

Christmas closing time

  • Friday 23 December ­Friday 6 January 2017

Library books now have a 3-­week loan period instead of a 4­-week loan period. The great news now is, if you see any new books in the shops, make a list of them and we can order them for you. You can have a list of as many as 10 books and you can ask us to make Lincoln the main site for these books, so more of the community can enjoy your recommendations. The more people that do this the better. It would be really nice to have a designated standing book shelf like the one in Waterstones holding only new literature for you all to enjoy. This would be a new and innovative experience for your local library and you would be helping other people to enjoy new books.

New Services

Since the end of September The Hub has occupied the whole building. Originally, when we moved in during February 2016, we only occupied half the building, sharing the rest with the Council’s mobile library service. This was great for us because it meant that we shared the cost of the building with LCC while we found our feet. Since occupying the whole building, we have rented out a further two more rooms. which means we can offer even more services to the public. It’s so exciting and means that the building will be open for longer hours.

Karis Annette, who lives in Nettleham, has a business named ‘Red Tent’ ­you may have seen her advertisements on the Co­-op notice board. She will now be a permanent resident in The Hub, holding antenatal classes, hypno-­birthing classes, baby massage, breast feeding support and new mums support. Karis is a qualified midwife with years of experience, working independently.

Mobile: 07523 990310 for times/bookings

Craft Workshops

Janet Schooley, also a local resident, is The Hub’s arts director and runs crafts for children every Tuesday and Friday 3.00pm ­5.00pm in the library. All moneys made from these crafts goes towards The Hub. She is also renting out one of the rooms, so she has a permanent base.

Up and coming workshops are now available:

  • Iris fold Cards: £8
    Saturday 3 December 10.00am ­12 noon
  • Door wreath: £18.00
    Monday 5 December 12.30pm ­3.00pm Wednesday 7 December 6.30pm ­9.00pm Saturday 10 December 10.00am ­12.30pm
  • Rustic Rudolphs: £18
    Tuesday 13 December 12.30pm ­3.00pm Wednesday 14 December 6.30pm ­9.00pm Saturday 17 December 10.00am ­12.30pm

Workshops include mince pies and tea or coffee.

Janet Schooley
Telephone: 07716 249786

Digital Champions

We now have three digital champions: Rita Batson, Brian and John. All volunteer their time to come in on a Tuesday 2.00 ­4.00pm and Saturday 10.00am ­12 noon. You will need to book a 30­-minute or 1-­hour slot in advance, as this service gets very busy.

The champions help anyone to use online services such as booking holidays, renewing prescriptions, finding employment, paying bills, saving photographs and staying in touch with families. They can also help you stay in touch with Facebook, irrespective of age. We have a wireless connection, so bring your own laptop, mobile phone or tablet, so we can help you get access to, and find information on, the internet. We also have 4 public computers that you can use.

Book Sale

Our last book sale was a huge success, raising just over £150 in 2 hours – that’s amazing!

The Co­-op kindly donated some plum bread. We had teas, coffees and cake and sold books that the people of Nettleham had donated. It’s a great way to recycle or pass on your beloved books, so always remember us if you want to donate any. We will be holding one every three months.

Our next book sale is set for Saturday 21 January 2017 – Hardbacks: £2; Paperbacks: £1.

Garage Space

We now have access to the garage space and our aim is to eventually turn it into a ‘Youth Hub’, but until then we would like to rent it out as space to raise funds. We are looking to rent this huge space out at a very reasonable rate of £500 a month.
Is this something that would be of interest you? If so please contact: 07941 649924.

Volunteers Wanted

We still need volunteers to enable us to open The Hub for longer hours and we need your help. In the next three months we would like to train an additional 30 volunteers so we can double, if not triple our opening times.

Can you help? We would only ask for a minimum of 2 hours of your time. You can obviously work for longer, but this is the advantage of volunteering ­you choose the hours to suit you.

We need:

  • Library volunteers
  • Fundraiser volunteers
  • Teas, coffees and cake volunteers
  • Craft volunteers
  • Saturday Storytime volunteers
  • Creative Lego project volunteers

Please contact: 07941 649924

Father Christmas

Phyllis Maiden and her husband have offered to help out and do Christmas crafts and the Christmas grotto. This will include mince pies and a visit to see Father Christmas and receive a present on Saturday 17 December 10.00am ­12 noon.

Please come in and reserve your place before that date.

We will also be helping to raise funds and support the scouts this Christmas. Look out for the Advent window displays around the village – we will be number 11 on your ‘advent trail’.

Childminding Group

Every Monday 9.30am ­11.00am, we have a group for childminders and each week, amongst ourselves, we decide the theme, with a craft and story based on that theme. Snacks and drinks are available and all childminders are welcome.

Live Acoustic Music

In January 2017, The Hub will be hosting an open mic event for a trial period of three months. We are hoping it will be popular enough to continue throughout the year.

If you play an instrument, come along and share your talent and if you don’t play an instrument, still come along and enjoy the vibes The Hub has to offer. There will be drinks and food available. This would be a great event for all ages and we are very excited ­hoping it is popular ­bringing new talent through our doors. Perhaps you might find new band members and perform in the evenings and you might want to host one of the jamming sessions, so we can keep this great event going. Do get in touch.

Saturday Jamming Sessions 2017 [12 noon ­2.00pm]

  • 14 January
  • 11 February
  • 11 March

New Groups

Would you like to set up a new group in The Hub? For example: a dementia group, toddler group, mother and baby group,
cooking group, health group, therapy group ­ – all ideas are welcome and we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us in writing to:
The Hub, 1 East Street, Nettleham, Lincoln LN2 2SL, or put it through our post box.

Please explain what it is you would like to do, how you would like to do it, times, dates and prices with a contact telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lego Club

Friday 3.00pm ­5.00pm Saturday 10.00am ­12 noon (open to all ages).

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, volunteer Lego creators 18 years+ to help us at the above times to set up a Lego club. We would need someone to choose a theme for the day and help make the session fun and interesting.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and cannot be left unattended.

If anyone has any Lego which they no longer use and would like to donate it to The Hub, we can build our resources and make a really desirable Lego club for all ages ­one that children can look back on and remember.

Committee Members Wanted!

We desperately need a Secretary to help us ­our previous Secretary has just had a baby and is sadly unable to commit to the hours needed for our committee. The role includes filing, paperwork, typing up risk assessments, Health & Safety checks, recording DBS checks, taking minutes, legal and charity matters, help with business plans, etc.

We meet once a week, or every fortnight, and you will need to have time to put in extra hours as and when required. Are you perhaps this person? It’s a great opportunity to work with a fun, dynamic and enthusiastic team and you will receive training in any areas with which you are unfamiliar.

We are also seeking more members to join our committee. Please contact 07941 649924.

Ali’s Cardboard Houses

Cardboard Gingerbread House Workshops

  • Saturday 19 November
  • Saturday 10 December
  • Saturday 17 December

All workshops start at 10.00am. £30 per house. All materials will be provided

Make a gingerbread house for your children to play in. Decorate it yourself with candy canes and the children’s names. A very festive house to have around during the Christmas period!

Please book in advance.

MIND Mental Health Charity Fundraising Event

‘Crafternoon’ Christmas Themed Crafts | Sunday 4 December | 2.00pm ­4.00pm.
£3.00 per person (includes craft materials).
Raffle, hand­crafted goods, tea, coffee, cakes.

Ideas Board

In January 2017, we will display an ideas board on which you can see other people’s ideas and have a chance to add your own. Do you have an idea for The Hub? Help us to help our community by adding to this wish list and we can start implementing the ideas.

The Hub Art Display and Website

We would like local artists to submit art work that best represents Nettleham and its community. Please submit your work by Sunday 29 January 2017 to Nettleham Community Hub ­it can be any shape, medium or colour ­use your artistic license.
Bring your selected work to The Hub in January where it will be displayed for one month, after which it will be replaced with someone else’s work.

The art work will also be included on our new up­coming website.

Dedicated Telephone Number

The Hub has been allocated a telephone line which should have been installed by the time you read this article. Our contact number is 01522 820008 and an answerphone service will be available, where you can leave a message and we will get back to you.